Devon Balwit   |   On This Journey We Will Lose Our Lives. This The Price We Have to Pay History.

Erica Bodwell   |   Sonnet Responding to Evil & In Spite of the News

Aaron Brossiet   |   This is Supposed to Be

Jo Burns   |   Heart or Reason

Wendy Taylor Carlisle   |   Some Passerines & 29 July 2011 / 15 July 2016

Lee Chilcote    |   Foreclosures & In Recovery

Sarah Cooper   |   Holy Breasts & The Study

 Grace Curtis  |   Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Identify as Black’

Salvatore Difalco   |   Capricci

Mark Fitzpatrick   |   Minha, The Ghost of Babo, & Diaspora Kitty

Nancy Flynn   |   We Try to Have a Picnic near the Shockingly Low Phillips Reservoir in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest during the Unprecedented Summer 2015 Pacific Northwest Heat Wave

Bill Frayer   |   Independence

Chapman Hood Frazier   |   Holocaust

Terri Greco   |   While Watching the Demonstration on Periscope, My Son Asks for a Gun

Ellen Kuper Halter   |   Good Night Moons

Janet Joyner   |   Ötzi The Iceman, The Bow Tie, & Remains in the Rift

Annie Lampman   |   War and Surgery & Our Baring

Laurinda Lind   |   Infestation

Leslie Linder   |   Anchor Babies

Jeffrey H.MacLachlan   |   Colonialism Pop-up Book & Christmas Village Campaign

Shahé Mankerian   |   The City of Lost Children

Megan Merchant   |   Election & The Art of Mindful Listening

John Miller   |   High John the Conqueror

Gloria Muñoz   |   Red Alert & The Night They Shot Gaitán

Louis P. Nappen   |   Social Advocate Jana Kings & Speech Writer Cyrana Chatters

Lindsay Oliver   |   How to be a feminist poet

Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr.   |   In the House of the Sage

Frederick Pollack   |   D.T., Whole Foods, & October 2016

W.M. Rivera   |   Logic of Rot

Barbara Ruth   |   First

Gregory Stapp   | If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu & The Patriot’s Act


Gershon Ben-Avraham | Why My Father Never Voted

Kristine Brown   |   Why Are You Here?

Maryah Converse   |   What To Do In a Terror Alert

Barbara Ruth   |   Dyketatics: Leaderless

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