Cover Photo: “Seeds” by Ana Prundaru


Mike Alexander   |   Lacrymogène

Valerie Marie Arvidson   |   Magnetic Migratory Bird Woman

Lana Bella   |   Weeds

Derek Coyle   |   Sweeney Confounded

Michael Vander Does  |   Rita Dove’s “Thomas and Beulah”

Sandy Feinstein    |   My Legacy

Robert Ford   |   An apology to Andrew Ford

 Zenobia Frost  |   Boy Sees Rain for the First Time

Tre G   |   First Time

See Wern Hao  |   bodies to which we do not belong

Tom Holmes   |   Imagined Scenario 13: Birth Mom and Dad’s Last Night Out

Miriam C Jacobs  |   Little Grievings

Michael Russell  |   I Call Him Devastation

Bruce Sager   |   Atlantis

Larry Thacker   |   Snoopy

Anna Weaver   |   Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy

Laura Grace Weldon   |   Elsewhere Door

Kory Wells   |   As the Story Goes

m.nicole.r.wildhood  |   My Confessor

Jake Young   |   Baseball in June


Geraldine Mac Donald | Fragments

Stephanie Madan   |   A Loss of Seabirds


Ana Prundaru | Breathing the Sky, Rêves Dans le Jardin, Silence, & Seeds

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