Meaghan Andrews   |   Mother and Daughter

Robert Beveridge   |   2/5

Barbara Black   |   Tsuniah Lake, August 2014

Daniel Blokh   |   Omen

Christine Brandel   |   I Walk the Legacy & One Modern Day, After Rain

Eloise Bruce    |   Incantation

Siobhan Campbell   |   The Blessing

 Joan Canby  |   Migraine & Patchwork

Wendy Taylor Carlisle   |   They Went to the Beach to Play, When He, & The Matter at Hand

Steven Chung   |   Forecast & When You Said You Wanted a City

SuzAnne C. Cole   |   The Kiss of the Serpent

P.S. Dean   |   The Anointing, With a Name Meaning God Has Heard, & Bright Mornings

Wendy DeGroat   |   When My Aunt Asks If I Got a Pistol Permit Yet

William Doreski   |   Boston Salvage & A Haze of Crystal Meth

Alan Elyshevitz   |   Make Me Famous & Butterworth

Stan Galloway   |   Wording

D.G. Geis   |   End Times Boogie & If a human body falls from the top of the Empire State Building does it explode or remain intact?

Brian Gilmore   |   yellow school bus

Lucas Gonzalez   |   Forty-nine Deconstructions of Kant’s Categorical Imperative (for Orlando)

Karen Greenbaum-Maya   |   Beautiful Leaves

Amy Hartley   |   Pecans

Jacklyn Janeksela   |   the state of America is more cemetery than anything else

Diane Kendig   |   Shift Change

Lauren Klein   |   The Diluvialist, Autobiography, & Psychoanalytic Poem

Mare Leonard   |   On the Edge

Rick Lord   |   When I Direct Oedipus Rex

Bonnie MacLeod   |   lesson/lessen

Shahé Mankerian   |   50th, Will, Turkification in Istanbul, & Moses

CJ Miles   |   I Hoped You Had Forgotten How to Dance That Night & People Doing People Things

Devon Miller-Duggan   |   Prepositions

Judith Montgomery   | Send, What My Mother Has Left, & Leaning

Adam Ortiz   |   My Grandmother’s Radiance

Michelle Perez   |   the crossing & 2-point conversion

Kenneth Pobo   |   The Bargain

Rachel Rear   |   Newtown & Destination

James Roberts   |   The Jumper

Alexis Sears   |   Cold Bodies, Hot-Blooded Boys

Laura Sheahen   |   Post-War, Migration Flows, & Phototropia

Alina Stefansecu   |   The Car Yet to Come & Old-Fashioned Objections to Poetry

Peter Taylor   |   Dialysis 1

Joan Wilding   |   Ancient Myth

Glen Wilson   |   Homeland Drift


Andrea Marcusa   |   No Details of the Death Have Been Released

Geraldine MacDonald   |   Nightingale

Falcon oHara   |   Anything To Do With Food


David Felix   |   Sharp Point

David Felix   |   Admittance

Ira Joel Haber   |   Untitled, 2016. Mixed.

Ira Joel Haber   |   Untitled, 2016. Mixed.

Karen Neuberg   |   Museum of Endangered Species

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