Double by Antonia Kelly

Somewhere there is another, just like you
who walks a mirror melancholy shore,
who feels an empathy with all things blue
and lives one life acknowledging there’s more.
He’s lonely in a crowd and likes the shade
of bluebell woods, it’s company enough,
stiffening like a deer when having strayed
too close, in fact, relationships are tough.
A dark star for a soul who sees the sky
as home, as midnight calling endlessly;
he views earth with a cold reptilian eye
but aches inside for lost humanity.
Someone who lives for love but lives alone,
this other cares more deeply than he’ll own.



Antonia Kelly, possessor of no great literary qualifications or indeed any academic award is a late starter to poetry but has, latterly, managed to raise three children and co-direct a small part of a large company successfully while practicing pilates and dreaming in pentameter. Antonia currently lives in East Sussex and spends far too much time thinking in rhyme while cultivating a small plot of land overlooking the South Downs.