Sulu Sonnet Form by Chris Macalino



Sonnet Form


This is called ‘The Sulu Sonnet’, I named it after the helmsman in the popular science fiction TV show, Star Trek. This diagram shows potential, it represents an introductory poetic to the Sonnet as an art form, the diagram conceptualizes the act of writing one kind of Sonnet. The visual element and shape of this kind of poem, either in design or text, helps with the process of crafting the form; especially with the intense practice of writing with hindsight, insight, and foresight. I liken the Sulu Sonnet to feeling like a potter and a poet, sharing the same studio space. In a way, poetry and pottery come together as ceramics; this is because they both require extraordinary talent, ability, and patience.



Chris Macalino is an artist and writer. He’s reading The Beat Generation, 1970s Canadian Poetry, postmodern novels, with an interest in holo-novel theory. He was one of the winners of The Manitoban Literature Competition in 2015, and he recently found inclusion in several journals; ‘Lost Documents’, ‘The Papermachine’, and ‘Poetry Breakfast’. He lives in Winnipeg.