On the Edge by Mare Leonard

I am at the end of my rope because I can’t bend
+++++++++my mind around the written word. I’m reading
The New Yorker holistically as if I’m Google searching for key words.
+++++++++I speed read a new book review about Fitzgerald

but slow down to question Fitz’s persistence, how he kept writing
+++++++++despite his scripts rejected by Hollywood hacks.
Something kicked in: I was connecting
+++++++++with F. Scott, feeling really in synch,

wandering with him and Zelda on their road trip in the 30’s,
+++++++++wondering if they reminisced about Paris,
about life on the Rivera, parties with Sara and Gerald Murphy.

Or did they suspect the champagne frolic in fountains was over?
+++++Did they read the signs: Glamour Gone, Madness Arrives,
Or maybe they lived day by day, like we all do, the body
+++++and mind failing but hoping for the green light around the bend.



Mare Leonard has published chapbooks at 2River, Pudding House, Antrim House Press and RedOchreLit. Her poetry has appeared in The Naugatuck Review, Hubbub, Cloudbank, The Chronogram, Blotterature, Earth’s Daughters and most recently in Red River, Ilya’s Honey and A Rat’s Ass. She will also have poems forthcoming in Perfume River, The New Independents and The Courtship of Winds. She lives in an old school house overlooking the Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY. Away from her own personal blackboard, she teaches writing workshops for all ages through the Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College.