Fight by Young Deuces


The great thing about the internet is the way it allows people to connect. Not just to friends, but to ideas. For us, Forage is a testament to the connective power of the internet as it is simultaneously maintained from two continents. One of the great aspects of being an international publisher is that we become well-versed in the ways we are different, but also in the ways we are the same. Does the state of the world seem tumultuous at present? Yes. But, also, there’s a kind of grounding in recognizing that we can have allies wherever we reach out, and that we can lean on one another collectively to try and come to a place of understanding. We believe that the internet has a positive power that can match whatever negative power it might wield as a medium.

As such, we would like to share something that was passed to us this week in the spirit of seeing through those things that might divide us into the humanity of each. In light of the news out of the US this week, the poem is very apt. We enjoy the passionate potential of spoken word and when it comes together to offer an urgent and necessary message for understanding, we are glad for the opportunity to share something essential with those who would stop in to read. By way of an introduction from the artist:

In Milwaukee, WI  a black male by the name of Jay Anderson, was shot & killed by the police while sleeping in his own car at night. The officer involved was not convicted, the video/audio was not released for the public, and the official statement is “The officer feared for his life.” In light of that and everything else that is going on, Milwaukee emcee, Young Deuces , took to his pen to express his frustration, thoughts & concerns in a video entitled “FIGHT!” #Justice4Jay”

Young Deuces can be found on Twitter @Young_Deuces and on  Facebook