Two Works by Barbara Ruth


A lune for naked protesters

“Green sex to fight climate
change!” First learn
how to tuck yourself in.

Dyketactics: Leaderless

+++++++When we said we had no leader it wasn’t just our theory talking, it was the reality.
Nobody passive, no one deferring. Passionate, difficult women, egging each other on,
cracking each other up. Such naiveté. Such courage. We did the actions, then we
wrote the press releases and it was there, in the hammering out of the press release
that we figured out the theoretical bases for why we did what we did. Theory followed
action. No sitting around talking about Lenin and Luxembourg for us. Without leaders
anybody could suggest anything. Anything could happen. We got to know each other
within the demonstrations, in our collective houses and beds, found out who would do
what. I would have risked my life for any of us. I did. We all did.





Barbara Ruth was a member of DYKETACTICS!, an anarchist action group based in Philadelphia in the mid-seventies.. We were the first LGBT group in the US (possibly the world) to bring legal action against the cops for police brutality.. We are all still alive.