Atlantis by Bruce Sager

Who could
have guessed
that the myth
was a prediction,

that history
would speak
of floors of gold
and the men
who traded futures
upon them?

Who could foresee
the eels of gridlock,
striped bass gliding
the Upper East Side,
seaweed choking
the gutters?

Who could foretell
the mutable colors
of traffic lights
covered in coral,

who could divine
what it would take
to snuff that torch
like an iron candle?


Bruce Sager’s poetry has gained publication through competitions judged by Billy Collins, Dick Allen and William Stafford. His newest work, The Indulgence of Icarus — a book-length poem! (sounds scary, but an easy read) — was recently released by Echo Point, and is henceforth available through Amazon, as is Famous, which was awarded the 2014 William Matthews Poetry Prize.