Fall Language of Cape Cod by Kate Wallace Rogers

Fullthrong and screak, boldrash of blue gray,
Howlscowling sand dunes aghast by the bay.
Red furly of creeper relashing the bogs
And bittersweet swell rounds gnarled choke cherry logs.
Grape leaves cringrashing like ocean’s sage roil,
Resolution of beach plum in clayurning soil.
Bestaggering scrub oak frights raspberry vine,
Birch boughs lean whippling, low low knotty pine.
Lilavender fluffweeds so tossled and scarred,
Bracing, slipgrasping the brittle groundshard.
Rose hips irreverent orange thornishly clasped,
Slantings of mushrooms erupt from earth’s grasp.
Not appalled by the gall of persistent windroars,
With rutsdreep in marshmire bold seascape endures.



Kate Wallace Rogers has been writing and performing poetry since second grade. She co-founded the Dragonfly poetry and music series in Dennis, MA and has been a featured reader in many Provincetown venues. A member of the Workshop for Publishing Poets led by Barbara Helfgott-Hyett, she has appeared in The Beaver and Red Weather. She has also self-published a slim volume of poetry silk screened on Japanese folding paper. She is originally from New York City, but currently lives in Provincetown in Stanley Kunitz’ house, where she cares for his garden.