Lover by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Through the dead end of winter
you come to me in a field
of snow. You look out of place
here, where cold belongs to the landscape,

where the pines shake off snow
like a dog freeing its coat of flakes,
where the moon cracks like an icicle
in the sky and the coyote howls
from the mountains. You stand,

still as a tree, bare branched,
offering no gifts and asking for none,
asking for nothing, not even

an explanation of yourself
displaced in dream.

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee is the author of On the Altar of Greece, winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award and recipient of a 2007 Eric Hoffer Book Award: Notable for Art Category. Her poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies internationally, including antiTHESIS, Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology (Zoomorphic, 2016), Feminist Studies, Magma Poetry, and The Massachusetts Review. You can find her at