The Treehouse by Damon Moore

‘We sucking on her natural bosom find
Many for many virtues excellent:
None but for some and yet all different…’

Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2 lines 12-14

We spent a night
in Simon’s treehouse,

moonglow coming down,
a bird
dark creels visible
through an apex skylight

ideas skipping between
what we can do
and what we can’t,
like the way we approach great poems
and great tasks.

The poem that you are
is not the person that you are
and no utopia good enough.

Link to ‘The Treehouse’ on YouTube



Damon Moore’s short-form poetry has found a home in RAUM, Eyot, The Literateur and The Flea whilst extracts from a narrative poem based on Sylvia Plath appeared in ‘Kindlings’, debut print publication of the online literary magazine, Writer’s Edit. Currently he is focusing on poetry films for his YouTube channel.

Here is the link to his YouTube poetry film channel, ‘DamonMoorePoet’