Traces by Tricia Knoll

After NASA’s pictures of the universe

Awe is finely filigreed
on translucent slippery scree.

The infinite is intimate
stitched in open lace.

Start with small seeds,
a belief in roots

among steadfast towers
overstating size and strength.

Elbow in concentric rings
of abundant mystery, pull through

the canals of birth, seep out
into the smallest crevices

of a speckled universe unfolding
open apertures of orange.

Slide the funnel clouds of palette.
Trace cilia, beaks, the striae

of wren feathers.
Ring the spirit dancer’s

bell to an ecstasy so small
and so big a journey

from grays and creams
of dreams to the vast forever.



Tricia Knoll is an Oregon poet whose work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize six times. Her collected works include Ocean’s Laughter (reviews), now available at, and Urban Wild, a poetry chapbook now available from Finishing Line Press. Twitter @triciaknollwind