Bloom by James Owens

One day the darkness
loosens its weft,

as if in answer to our wait,
and this is morning,

the improbable lace of new leaves
where snowy light breaks from their edges

and scatters among branches.
This is a world inside us,

but not only inside us.
We are the glint and

glimmer of the clarifying forest,
when the busy, subtle hands of the wind

brighten dogwood blossoms into our breath.

James Owens’s most recent collection of poems is Mortalia (FutureCycle Press, 2015).. His poems, stories, and translations appear widely in literary journals, including publications in The Fourth River, Kestrel, Tule Review, Poetry Ireland Review, and Southword. He earned an MFA at the University of Alabama and lives in Indiana and northern Ontario.