Checking for CorningWare by Robert Krantz

This evening I saw your shadowed face
reflected on the underside of a dinner plate
your venus flytrap lashes
drawing me in
deeper cups
it wasn’t the pressure that drove me mad
it was the talk about your dying—
your will for a plot away from them
and all that coffin soil
piled high
with bitter red roses
at least here there is something clean
something bright—like your eyes—
or the way you softly speak
to a bearded dragon
caressing his scaled back …
can you feel
the spiked surface
under your thumb
perpetually rubbing away what’s been
like Adam
I want to say something in the past—
+++++speak now or forever hold my peace
+++++play a note whose measure has been played
but that’s my style—always thinking
maybe now something simple—
You wash, I’ll dry.



Robert T. Krantz graduated from the University of Akron, OH with a BA in English. His individual works have appeared in Gargoyle, Birch Gang Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review and others. Bitterzoet Press recently published two chapbooks of Robert’s work (Plus 4 and Hansel) and he recently dropped out of the MFA in Poetry program at University of Arkansas-Monticello. He makes his living as an industrial sales engineer in the Midwest.