that invisible by Colin Webb

Als noch die Stürme tobten,
War ich so elend nicht.

take what’s there, then . . . all that unthinkable peace,
even before Leda’s indifference—
++++++++++++the peregrine devours its prey,
+++++but the nest isn’t its kill

hear what’s here, now . . . all that inexplicable calm,
even during the gazelle’s last chase—
++++++++++++the right hand acts,
+++++but the left hand isn’t neutral

see what’s soon, then again . . . all that extraordinary release,
even after Aunt Adrienne’s terrifying ordeals—
+++++++++++the Hudson’s mouth is surrounded by five boroughs,
+++++but the river heals in ten directions


Colin Webb is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and writes poetry as well as fiction. His novella, Coping with Coincidence, was shortlisted for the 2015 Arch Street Prize.