At Forage, we enjoy reading and discussing poetry as much as we do writing it. Sometimes more. So, we have decided to indulge our tastes and start soliciting more to read. We are in search of writing and art that is accessible, and that reaches into that space between our heads and our hearts to open a door to something we had almost missed. We’d like to create a space that skilled and novice poetry readers can wander into and feel at home. A place with exemplary work that challenges the mind and the spirit. The part of us that speaks to the poetry, and is able to make the poetry speak back.

We are a group of poets looking for a way to explore our passion while promoting others who are doing the same.  We will do what we can to promote work that moves us and opens up the world of poetry and thought in unexpected ways.

Now that our journal has come to an end, we’d like to draw your attention to our other poetry-related project, Forage Poetry Forum, a free poetry critique forum where all are welcome!