Forage is an online only journal looking for intelligent, honest work from poets and writers who focus on the particularities of their encounters with the world. Our goal is a journal full of accessible poetry, essay, and creative non-fiction that reaches out to the eager reader in all of us. The best way to determine if your work is a good fit for Forage is to read a selection of works published on the site. Please be sure to read and understand our guidelines and policies before submitting.

Our submission time will vary, but we will respond to all submissions for an upcoming issue within two weeks following the submission deadline. If you submit for a future theme, you are not likely to receive a response to your submission until reading begins for that theme. Our reading period for each theme generally begins around four weeks before the deadline, but we try not to make decisions until the submission period has ended.

Guidelines for Submission

Poetry: We are looking for accessible, revelatory work. Creativity and imagination coupled with careful attention to an individual artistry. Short and long poems are both acceptable. Form and free-verse are both acceptable. We will accept up to five poems for a single submission. And, simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if your work is picked up elsewhere.

Essay/Creative Non-Fiction: We are looking for either articles that reveal something less commonly known about the topic, or that bring us into your experience in a way that is unexpected. We also ask that each piece sent to us represents careful attention to detail and proper citation where applicable. While there is some flexibility in word limits, we ask that submissions in this category are limited to 3000 words or less.

Reviews: We are happy to accept articles that focus on collections that are somehow related to the monthly theme. We ask that these selections maintain a 1500 or less word limit.

Art and Photography: We would love to see how you define art as a wordless kind of poetry, or how you manipulate your own work within the framework of your own photographs or original works of art. Please do not send us the photos or artwork of others that you have manipulated unless you have express permission which can be documented, and documentation which lists both you and the original creator as joint authors/creators. You may send a lower resolution image in your original submission query, but please be sure that you will be able to send us a file that is 180 dpi or higher if your work is accepted. Anything less will not present well on the site.

We ask that you do not submit work that can be found published elsewhere. If you have it on a blog or other online site, we ask that you take it down before sending it to us.

We ask for first rights of the works  published via Forage. We also ask that if you seek publication of a work that was first published here, that you acknowledge Forage as the first publisher of the work.

We are currently unable to compensate contributors monetarily.


Spring 2017: Poetry of Nature / deadline for submission April 3, 2017

Summer 2017: Open Theme / deadline for submission July 3, 2017

We encourage personal interpretations of these themes. For us, this is a way of learning about other views and interacting with the world through your perspective, so please show us what these themes mean to you.

Please send your work as an email attachment (no PDF files, please) to Include the theme of the issue that you are submitting for in the subject line of your email. We reserve the right to refrain from reviewing or responding to submissions that do not follow our guidelines.


We look forward to reading!